Personalised Health Care Services for Industries

We are an innovative health provider specialising in custom packages for industries and we specialise in large industrial manufacturing sites.

In one of our 3 clinics or at your workplace we provide workplace health ranging from drug testing to Doctor consultations –

Talk to us about our Industry Care Telehealth partnership and bring our Doctors and Nurses to your workplace. Anytime, anywhere you are.

Our Services

We have 3 fully equipped occupational health clinics with soundproof audiology booths and full medical requirements

Industry Med is a service provider that specialises in workplace occupational health, injury management, and medical support.

We have multiple fully equipped occupational health centres.

We have Nurses and Doctors available for all of your occupational health needs from large companies to small.

Pre Employment Medical

Our pre employment medicals are extensive and include Drug and Alcohol testing.

We include spirometry / lung function and audiology as well as a full medical including vision and musculoskeletal review, cardiorespiratory parameters and history of injuries/illness.

Drug & Alcohol Tests

Our team are fully trained to NZ unit standards for urine drug testing and alcohol analysing.

We now have full training and equipment for oral fluid testing which is used for post incident and some random testing if you request this. 

ACC injuries and rehab

If you are injured at home or at work we can diagnose, treat, refer for investigations, and manage the back to work rehabilitation as well as all of the ACC paperwork required for off work.

We have access to a physio on site in Kawerau who can help get fast care to your employee and a treatment plan in place instantly, and reduce impacts of staff absence.

Our Partners

For our partners we offer additional services for injuries and illness that need support to return to work as well as ACC documentation.

Immunisations, medical reviews, plus much more

Our nurses are fully trained to deliver vaccinations of all types including Hepatitis, tetanus, flu, and shingles.

We also have industries that have specific needs that we can accommodate such as sleep apnoea checks and skin cancer checks, as well as urine metal levels.

Annual Medicals - Monitoring

Worksafe compliance for annual monitoring requires some industries to measure parameters annually.

Our annual medical also includes audiology, lung function, vision, musculoskeletal exam, cardiorespiratory and diabetes screen, sleep and mental health and wellbeing and for those who need it; metal exposure levels, specialised BA and confined space and heat medicals.

Ear Microsuction

Our nurses have completed training for the revolutionary ear microsuction wax removal equipment we have in our clinic.

This improves hearing and reduces complication from ear wax.

Training Division

We offer a range of training courses with all resources provided.

Our courses available include:

Conflict and People awareness – He Tangata
Mental Health First Aid
Mahi Tahi : Health and Safety

For more information about our courses or to make a booking, please click the learn more button below.

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Our Clients


What Our Clients Say


Essity Australasia (formerly Asaleo Care)

"We have been using this centre for many years and find them to be very proactive, responsive in a timely fashion and very competent. This service has meant that we have been able to manage the health and wellbeing of our employees quickly and efficiently."

Miraka Ltd

"Industry Med have become our annual health check provider for our business, Miraka Ltd. They also assist us with pre-employment and drug and alcohol testing.

Prior to entering our new partnership with Industry Med both parties met to learn and understand the whakapapa (history) and core values of eachothers businesses.

During our initial meetings, experience with pre-emploment medicals and deployment of annual health checks our experience has been 'top notch'.

Areas of note have included; efficient scheduling, great communication, qualified and professional staff.

Most importantly both Paora and Sarah are available to share feedback, positves and/or concerns.

The relationship-partnership has evolved naturally and we are very happy customers and proud to recommend the services we receive from our Industry Med whanau."

CHH Woodproducts

"Appreciative of the services provided.

The immediate response to request for staff to be seen to whether it be PEM, Post D&A Testing, or incidents"

Kawerau District Council

"Industry Med provide the occupational health services the Council needs including ones not listed in the 3 requested. Sarah and the team are very professional, accomodating and friendly to work with.

The facility is local to our organisation in the Kawerau township and reasonably priced."

Kajavala Forestry Ltd

"We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a convienient and capable supplier of medical support.

Friendly and fast, Industry Med gives us all we need."

Pedersen Kawerau Limited

"Industry Med provides a range of on site medical support to our team at Kawerau and always provides those confidential, professional manner.

Further if there are any matters which require further discussion or consultation expertise of the practioners can be relied on at all times."

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional, Cost Effective,  Zero Harm Approach to Occupational Health Care for Your Employees

Our company boasts a rich tradition of providing customized care to businesses in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions.

We tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each industry and place a strong emphasis on caring for our employees, fostering genuine therapeutic connections that contribute to a healthier and more content workforce.

For our partners, your company may be interested in enrolling in our telehealth programme, meaning your team can access video consults from a link sent to any device to have medical consults with our nurses or Doctors.

This means your triage, acute care, referrals, and back to work certificates as well as drug testing are organised from that one consult

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