Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below our FAQ relating to our employee health services and what they include.


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About Our Services

How do I book?

The best way to book is to email each individual clinic at

or call us to book – especially if short notice is required.

If you have used our services before or are a partner you don’t need to complete the

Customer Registration Form, but if you are a new customer, it saves time and enquires if you complete this online form Click To Open Form

What does my employee need to bring ?

Photo ID and please make sure new companies complete customer registration form online so we are able to match the request with your company and send the result to the right personnel

When are your Doctors onsite?

Our Doctors are available at each clinic locations depending on your needs and this can be a combination of video consultation at the clinic with our nurses assisting you with this process, or in person if required. Our Doctors move around according the needs of the customer”

What is included in an annual medical check?
  • Our annual medicals are not what is commonly found in normal workplace medical assessments.

    We include:

  • A Full medical history,

  • Risk assessment,

  • Spirometry ( lung function),

  • skin checks with specialized imaging equipment,

  • Audiology testing with a audiology booth,

  • Musculoskeletal examinations,

  • ECG,

  • Blood tests for general prevention, as well as your basic blood sugar,

  • Blood pressure, cardiorespiratory vital signs.

    We than create a medical record on your employee, one we can build on each year, often picking up issues early on. We then liase with patients and their GP to make a plan to manage this including specialist referrals if needed.

What is included in a pre-employment medical check?
  • Pre-employment Medicals

    All that is included in the annual medical as well as drug and alcohol testing and specific role requirements assessment

What is included in the acute workplace medical and injury treatment?

For our partners that subscribe to this service only, you have access to:

With our team being trained in urgent care and primary care, we are able to see, assess, diagnose and refer acute injuries or illnesses that affect work. This may include

  • Writing ACC claims and medical certificates which save time on making and finding GP appointments for your employees

  • Managing return to work in a safe and open way with communication among all parties

  • Clearance for work via ACC documentation and Medical Certificates

  • Referral to specialists or radiology if required via ACC or if needed acute medical team at the hospital

What is included in the drug and alcohol testing?

All of our clinic locations have urine and oral fluid drug testing available with alcohol breathalysers also available in any context you need them.

Do you offer more specialised medicals?

We also offer:

  • High risk heat exposure roles

  • Asbestos monitoring medicals

  • Chemical and gas medicals requiring the use of Breathing Apparatus

  • Heavy license NZTA medicals

  • Geothermal Medicals

  • Kiwirail CAT 1/2/3 Medicals

  • Rail medicals required by Australia

Are reports and feedback available?

You will receive a report if you complete annual medicals and monitoring with us to fulfil your workplace requirements, as well as much more details on your employee health. The summary of data is anonymised, and the Individual reports such as audiology and lung function are personalised for each employee.

We are developing an app to provide an up to date dashboard for your HR department or company to access ; health data, injury statistics, drug test results and reports in a private and password protected manner to uphold privacy standards.

This helps us get ACC work certificates and off work certificates to your team securely

Do you use a Zero Harm approach?

At Industry Med, we prioritise Zero harm as our approach to occupational safety.

This means that we strive to operate our workplace without any individual being exposed to any harm or injury.

We achieve this goal by implementing and maintaining safe work systems that prioritise the wellbeing of all our employees.

What are my obligations as an employer to monitor health?