About Industry Med

Industry Med is proud of its history of offering personalized medical support to companies in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato areas.

We design our services using a Zero Harm Approach to suit the specific needs of each business and prioritise the well-being of your staff, promoting authentic therapeutic relationships that enhance a more satisfied and healthier work environment.

Our Core Values

  1. Manakitanga: We prioritise caring for and serving our customers and community, delivering great customer service.
  2. Integrity/Honesty: We remain true to ourselves, being authentic in all our actions.
  3. Learning/Ako: We embrace every moment as an opportunity to learn and grow, valuing continuous improvement.
  4. Respect: We show respect for ourselves and our people, fostering a culture of mutual dignity and appreciation.

Our Mission Statement

  1. Caring for the Workforce of Tomorrow: We are committed to supporting and nurturing the well-being of our workforce, preparing them for a successful future.
  2. Healthy Workforce = Healthy Business: We recognise the direct correlation between a healthy workforce and the success of our business, prioritizing the well-being of our employees.
  3. Caring for Your Business at Your Fingertips: We provide accessible and comprehensive care for your business, offering convenient solutions that meet your needs.


Industry Med originated when we as practitioners were working amongst those employees of Tasman mill before the close of the paper machine in 2021.

Industry Med originated when we as practitioners were working amongst those employees of Tasman mill before the close of the paper machine in 2021.

This impressed upon us the importance of the people of this area and it was much more than a mill health centre to us. We decided to continue running the centre for the surrounding companies.

We did this because as Doctors and Nurses, we had a genuine rapport and bond with our patients.

We could see that working in this place was part of their identity and it became part of ours too.

We firstly want to honour these workers and those that gave many years of loyalty and hard work to the industrial area of Kawerau. Some of these employees have committed 47 years plus to this job.

As a team we want our patients to thrive through the stages of work from apprenticeships and cadets to those entering retirement. Even though one part of the mill closed, the rest of Kawerau was growing rapidly and we wanted to continue that work.

Mental health, cultural health, reducing risk factors for things such as bowel cancer, prostate cancer and respiratory illness was a specific area for us as a group of clinicians and health professionals, that we felt we could make real change.

When one part of the industrial area closed ( Norske Skog Mill) we didn’t want to see the loss of the health centre. With much support from Norske Skog and the past and present employers, we decided to keep it open under independent Industry Med. We chose the highest quality nurses with a mix of experience and youth and enthusiasm but most importantly knowledge of the people we care for, and this meant keeping the experienced staff and adding new skills and enthusiasm and a focus on educational improvement for every one of our staff.

We have now grown to the Kinleith /Tokoroa sites and Tauranga and we want to bring this ethos with us. We will stand up for workers, and highly skilled and qualified health professionals that we attract are with us because they join us in this quest.

Nga mihi nui ki nga hunga mate haere haere haere atu ra kua wheturangitia, ki nga hunga ora , nga mihi mo to tautoko ki enei Kaupapa

Noho ora mai

Dr Sarah Gardiner ( Clinical Director ) & Paora Gardiner ( Director )

Meet Our Team

The Industry Med team are dedicated professionals who are passionate about healthcare and making a difference in people’s lives.

Our team consists of experts in various fields who have come together.

We believe that by combining our knowledge and expertise, we can make a real impact in improving the quality of healthcare for your employees.

Gaylene Turpie


Gaylene brings with her 20 years + experience in industrial workplaces in HR and helps HR departments in our clients companies navigate the occupational health requirements that are placed on employees.

Please contact Gaylene for any companies who would like to engage our services.

Dr Sarah Gardiner


BHSc, MbChB, Paeds Dip ( Auckland )

Sarah was trained at the University of Auckland Medical School. She holds Bachelor Degree’s in both Health Science ( Public Health), and Medicine & Surgery, but also holds a Diploma in Paediatrics all completed at the University of Auckland, as well as postgraduate studies in Maori health, and is currently studying the Maori language.

Having 6 years experience in General Practice, also within Urgent Care medicine she is prepared for the dynamic environment that industrial and occupational health is.

Paora Gardiner


Paora Gardiner (Ngati Ranginui Ngai Te Rangi) is an experienced Director with a diverse set of skills. He brings expertise in learning, education, social sciences, psychology, asset management, health and safety, zero harm, medium business ownership, infrastructure, and construction.

With his extensive experience in these areas, Paora is well-equipped to lead and manage teams, while also ensuring the safety and well-being of all.

Dr Misty Hunter

Paige Hart


Paige is our learning loving registered nurse that helps make up our Tokoroa team.

She also has drug testing qualifications as well as being certified to vaccinate and a solid background in General Practice, she is completing postgraduate education in nursing and brings the youthful enthusiasm we love.

Debbie Lovett


Debbie Lovett is our financial administrator and helps keep the functioning of our operations going as well as being our administrative lead.

Belinda Quinn


Belinda is our Tokoroa based nurse ad she graduated Bachelor of Nursing in 2012. Worked in palliative care for 4 years and made a career change to Emergency Nursing in 2016 in Taupo Hospital.

Since 2016, I have had 2 children and worked part-time in the Emergency Department around my family and business.

In late 2021 I had the opportunity to work in the Occupational Health Centre at Oji Fibre Solutions Kinleith where I have been developing my skills in Occupational Health Nursing, and now as part of the Tokoroa based Industry Med team

Bella Mark


Bella Mark ( Ngati Awa ) is a Registered Nurse and has vast experience from both being on the surgical ward and in the general practice field. She is our resident wound and dressings expert, which includes burns and complex wounds.

Also trained in urine drug testing, advanced cardiac life support Level 7, vaccinations, and phlebotomy. Bella has been practicing occupational nursing with us for almost 4 years.

Our Clients

Dr Sarah Gardiner & the Industry Med team of 8 nurses, Doctors and HCA/Administrators currently work with over 1200 employees all working within a large industrial area in 3 locations, these include:

  • Asaleo Care
  • OJI Fibre Solutions
  • Sequal Lumbar
  • WAIU Dairy
  • Kajavala Forestry
  • Mercury
  • Pedersens
  • Essity
  • IMG
  • Riteways
  • McKays
  • Culham Engineering
  • Norske Skog

and many more

Our Clients


What Our Clients Say


Essity Australasia (formerly Asaleo Care)

"We have been using this centre for many years and find them to be very proactive, responsive in a timely fashion and very competent. This service has meant that we have been able to manage the health and wellbeing of our employees quickly and efficiently."

Miraka Ltd

"Industry Med have become our annual health check provider for our business, Miraka Ltd. They also assist us with pre-employment and drug and alcohol testing.

Prior to entering our new partnership with Industry Med both parties met to learn and understand the whakapapa (history) and core values of eachothers businesses.

During our initial meetings, experience with pre-emploment medicals and deployment of annual health checks our experience has been 'top notch'.

Areas of note have included; efficient scheduling, great communication, qualified and professional staff.

Most importantly both Paora and Sarah are available to share feedback, positves and/or concerns.

The relationship-partnership has evolved naturally and we are very happy customers and proud to recommend the services we receive from our Industry Med whanau."

CHH Woodproducts

"Appreciative of the services provided.

The immediate response to request for staff to be seen to whether it be PEM, Post D&A Testing, or incidents"

Kawerau District Council

"Industry Med provide the occupational health services the Council needs including ones not listed in the 3 requested. Sarah and the team are very professional, accomodating and friendly to work with.

The facility is local to our organisation in the Kawerau township and reasonably priced."

Kajavala Forestry Ltd

"We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a convienient and capable supplier of medical support.

Friendly and fast, Industry Med gives us all we need."

Pedersen Kawerau Limited

"Industry Med provides a range of on site medical support to our team at Kawerau and always provides those confidential, professional manner.

Further if there are any matters which require further discussion or consultation expertise of the practioners can be relied on at all times."

Our Trusted Industry Med Partners

To provide our high quality health care employee services, we work closely with a range of valued partners.

OJI Fibre Solutions Tasman

OJI Fibre Solutions Kinleith

Sequal Lumber

Kawerau District Council

Essity Australasia


Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products

Miraka Dairy


JJ Richards Waste

Kajavala Forestry Limited

Wai U Dairy

Culhams Engineering


Winstone Wallboards ( GIB) Tauriko

Our Accreditations